Ocean Awareness Student Contest

The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation is partnering with Ocean Awareness Student Contest to encourage students to explore the issue of marine debris. The contest was launched in 2011 by filmmaker Linda Cabot as a companion to her environmental documentary From the Bow Seat. While filming, Linda saw how her two teenaged daughters embraced ocean stewardship as they met and interviewed scientists and conservationists around the Gulf of Maine. Linda founded and funded the Ocean Awareness Student Contest to inspire other high school students to become ocean advocates.

Last year’s contest focused on Plastics Pollution in Oceans. Plastics pose a huge threat to the ocean ecosystem because they do not biodegrade. Instead, they continue to break into smaller and smaller pieces, which litter the ocean and its beaches. Countless sea animals and birds die each day from ingesting and getting entangled in plastic debris.

Students were encouraged to submit essays, artwork, or videos. Says Linda, “The 2014 contest was a major success! The number of submissions in 2014 tripled from the previous year, and over two thirds of the submissions were in the art category. We received entries from 9 countries and 28 states. They all met the difficult challenge of finding effective ways to combine art, science, and ocean advocacy.” Information on winning pieces, names of students who received honorable mention, and links to artwork and videos are available at fromthebowseat.org/winners-2014.php.

More information about the contest is available at fromthebowseat.org