The Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation has supported the Environmental Monitoring on Lobster Traps (EMOLT) project since 2003. The eMOLT project is a not for profit collaboration of industry, science, and academics devoted to monitoring of the physical environment of the Gulf of Maine and the Southern New England shelf. In a series of phases funded by the Northeast Consortium beginning in 2001, we developed low-cost strategies to measure  bottom temperature, salinity, and current velocity with the help of nearly 100 lobstermen dispersed along the entire New England coast. See for more details.

Monitoring bottom temperature with VEMCO Minilog, 1995 - 2001

Monitoring bottom temperature with ONSET Tidbit, 2001 - Present

Monitoring salinity with Seabird Microcat, 2001 - 2004

Monitoring surface currents with drifters, 2003 - Present

Developing realtime telemetry for monitoring, 2006 - Present

Monitoring wind driven currents with sailboats, 2008 - Present

Monitoring bottom currents with Tilt Meter, 2009

Monitoring currents with drogue drifters, 2013 - Present

Monitoring currents with wooden turtles, 2015 - Present

Monitoring weather onboard fishing boats, 2016 - Present